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Young and STRONG…

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

“He fills my life with good things, so that I stay YOUNG AND STRONG like and eagle” –  Psalm 103:5


I will confess…I do NOT feel young and strong most days.  My life has been so super busy since forever, I stay exhausted.  Anyone out there ever feel this way?  My darling daughter is two years old.  You know what that means?  Packed FULL of YOUTH AND STRENGTH, that Mommie just does not have!!!  At her age, she is in the habit of grabbing my hand while chanting…”COME ON!”  She wants me to chase her, to jump up and down with her, to toss her in the air for hours on end BUT – I CAN’T!!!

My days are long.  They start at 6:30am.  Most night, I can’t sleep all the way through since she still wakes up at least once.  My husband works second shift.  When he finally makes it in and drifts to sleep, the snoring starts (REALLY!!!).  Then, the dog chimes in (yeah, she snores too!) and I’m UP!

Throughout the day, I’m constantly interrupted by emails, phone calls, meetings, co-workers, issues…the list goes on and on.  Two cups of coffee, now I’m almost awake.  By lunch time, I need a nap LOL – yet, I have to push through this day to get the job done.  Three more meetings, a laundry list of things “To Do” before I leave the office at 5:00pm to get to the daycare so that my darling daughter is not the last kid sitting with her teacher!  I take a breath to catch my second wind that is much needed for the remainder of my afternoon because I still have work to do!

I stop at the grocery store after I fight traffic because I have to get home to prepare a dinner that I pray she will eat (remember she’s two, so this is what I go through DAILY.)  Between her running around, and the dog ready to partake of whatever she drops, I try to pay a few bills since I still have to adult…I’m TIRED!  Wanted to go to the gym (I did in my mind) but physically I just didn’t make it there.

STRONG???  No, I don’t feel strong at all.  Truth is, most days I feel very weak.  Yet, my Father reminds me that in my weakness He is made strong.  I depend on the Lord to replenish and revive me.  He’s more powerful than a speeding bullet, His energy goes well beyond the energizer bunny – He is ALL THAT!  He is my Alpha and Omega, my daily multivitamin to ensure that I receive all of my nutrients.  I think I feel my help coming on!!!  BUT…

It’s bath time.  Since she takes swim lessons, I guess she practices in the bathtub.  There’s water everywhere and I’m soaked.  I now have to comb her hair while she moves about…I’m exhausted, eyelids very heavy – and I thank Him.  Thank Him for getting me through this day and everyday!  Thank Him for a family that I have to do things for.  Thank Him for the husband that snores – because He’s home safe.  Thank Him for the dog who snores – she keeps us lively.  Thank Him for the darling daughter Miracle who is the apple of my eye and constant reminder that God’s love is real.  Thank Him for the job that I am passionate about – it pays the bills.  Thank Him for the friends that check on me – they keep me together.  I’m just THANKFUL.

What are you thankful for?  Normally, the things that exert our energy are the things that we need to pause – and give THANKS.  I may not be as young as I use to be, or as strong as I want to be…but I sure am THANKFUL for what I am.

I would love to hear from you.  What keeps you youthful and strong???  Let’s keep each other in prayer…and don’t forget, let’s Journal the Journey – TOGETHER!

Be blessed…


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