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When Passion takes over…

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

What are you PASSIONATE about?

Please — don’t ask me this question!!!  I have this thing that I am so passionate about that it wakes me up in the wee hours of the mornings, and keeps me captivated way late at night.  I think of it so much throughout the day that I have to have a notebook, a journal, my phone, a recorder, SOMETHING – so that I can capture the details of it.

The thought of it makes my soul smile!!!  Have you ever had that feeling when your soul is just like YES!!!!!!!!  What do you do about it?  I would really love to know.  This thing that I am so passionate about floods me with ideas.  The universe (I think) responds to this passionate soul cry, sending me individuals and opportunities to help me along the way.  My inner child responds to their ideas, yet the ADULT in me is like, “What are you doing?  Do you know how much work that’s going to take?  AND, that scares me?”

Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years – a LIFETIME I have wrestled with this thing!  I have to do it.  I was made for it.  I keep running away from it because I’m more concerned about the failure of the thing I haven’t even tried that it stifles me.  Ever been here?  Please tell me that I’m not alone…

Dr. Tony Evans writes in his book, Destiny, Let God Use you like He made you, this insight that really blessed my spirit:

One of the greatest discoveries you can make as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ has to do with your spiritual gifts.  A spiritual gift is a divinely bestowed ability that strengthens the body of Christ in order to optimally service the kingdom.

That hit me – reading those words made me realize even the more that my passion, my gift, my destiny and my purpose is not just about me!!!  It’s about strengthening the people.  I cannot be so consumed of the thought of failure, since whom God calls – He also equips.  The people, places and opportunities He has lined up just for me is not just “happenstance” it is specific, it is PURPOSED, it is PREDESTINED – and I must walk in it.

Dr. Evans also writes:

As you carry out your normal routine, God set up situations and intersections for you to enter.  As He prepares you for the destiny and future He has for you, He also prepares others for you.  He creates the perfect scenario for situations and people in your life to connect at just the right time, leading you to fulfill your destiny.


I must silence the voice in my head that tells me I won’t make it.  I have to be that inner child and not care about what others say (though I am open to productive criticism which will help me grow).  Pray with and for me that I do this…it would mean so much!

As we prepare for the weekend – I would love to hear what keeps you awake at night.  What gets your creative juices flowing?  What is that dream of your that’s so BIG that it scares you?  Leave me a comment and let me know.  And, of course you know the drill. Let’s get those journals out and Journal the Journey TOGETHER!

Be blessed


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