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Moments of Clarity

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Clarity – The quality or state of being clear. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

There have been moments of clarity in my life that I wish I could hold on to forever until all things become CLEAR.  Unfortunately, it has been my experience that as soon as one thing becomes clear – it’s unclear again.  We live in a time of so much “expertise” that it becomes so vital to our existence that we learn to have moments of clarity.  These moments must include revisiting a foundational platform that you have or else levels of confusion will drive you insane.

In my moments of clarity – I find myself fact checking.  For me, my foundational source is the Bible since it is the Basic Instruction Book of Life Evolving (my own definition or rendition of the acronym).  This book never misleads me, allows me to find myself in it’s stories, corrects me all of the time while providing defining moments of profound wisdom.  Not many people will be able to do this.  That’s why I call it the Living Book!  It’s always evolving – each scripture giving a different reflection each time it is read.  Don’t base it on your own interpretation, for spending time with God to understand His Word and what He has in it for you is always necessary.

Today, many moments are unclear for so many people that I come in contact with that I offer them up in prayer.  The weights are heavy.  The burdens seem unbearable.  The hope – shaken!  The belief that things won’t turnaround seems to be a thing that only the songstress knows of because they cannot seem to verbalize these words – TODAY!

I have had these moments myself.  So, I understand.  On my way to work I was blessed by a song that said “Encourage Yourself”.  This song got me through some really tough moments.  Moments when I knew that no one else would understand exactly what I was going through because I didn’t understand them myself.  Moments were hope faded and I needed the encouragement that I knew existed yet, I couldn’t muster the words myself.  I want to share a few lines of the song with you.

Sometimes you have to encourage yourself.  Sometimes you have to speak victory during the test and no matter how you feel, speak the word and you will be healed.  Speak over yourself.  Encourage yourself.  In the Lord.

I know everyone has their personal experience with their higher power.  Jesus Christ happens to be mine, though whatever your faith is these words still have so much power.  Sometimes, you HAVE to encourage yourself.  The song goes on to say:

Sometimes you have to speak a word over yourself.  Depression is all around, but God is present help.  Oh the enemy created walls, but remember giants they do fall.  Speak over yourself.  Encourage yourself.  In the Lord.

Clear moments may never remain constant.  Many of them will be variable.  As you grow in wisdom and knowledge, your moments of clarity will transpire.  I encourage you today (as I had to encourage myself) that when moments of darkness, or uncertainty occur you hold on to your foundation of faith and ENCOURAGE YOURSELF.  Whatever you may be thinking or feeling that will negatively impact you, or your situation do away with the thoughts immediately!!!

Clarity comes when we are able to be strong.  In our weak moments it may be hard yet, when we press through those moments each and every time we are strengthened for the next.  In our journals today, let’s reflect on moments of clarity we have had.  I urge you to find a scripture, or a quote or even a song that will be encouragement on the rough days and as always I would love to hear your thoughts and of course – let’s Journal the Journey TOGETHER!

Be blessed


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