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Maniac Mondays!!!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

What happened to the weekend???

It went so fast.  I swear it was just Friday!  Remember, I was exhausted from the week then?  And my plans were being rearranged…trying to make it through the day to get to my busy weekend that was over to fast – now I’m back.  Monday has proven herself to be consistent!!!  This day has gone every which way but right, and I’m ready for Friday NOW!!!

How was your weekend?

After having several of these conversations at the coffee station, that somehow cannot seem to stay full of fresh coffee, it’s 11:00am and I have gotten nothing done.  I tried to be proactive by answering a few emails last night (yup…Sunday night) to give me some wiggle room during the morning.  I enjoyed a wonderful dinner and stage play with my girlfriends, only to occasionally find myself thinking of my work load and various other things I need to do.

Since we are such a busy generation, I am always trying to find productive ways that I can be un-busy (if there is such a word).  Yet, I find myself failing miserably.  So many of our jobs, organizations, churches, committees and personal lives in general call for us to give more time than we may have available.  The “lean six sigma” approach that seems to be the craze is killing me.  How about you?  Everyone seems to want you to do more with less. What happened to the days of curling up with a good book?  I will tell you what happened to it in my life – I FALL ASLEEP on the same chapter and get no where.

I digress.  In the most recent days I find myself needing a retreat from a life that needs me to remain present in the current moment.  Has anyone been where I am?  I guess the saying rings true in misery loving company, because I yearn to know that there is others out there just like me.  That I am not alone in the battle.  That I am preaching to a choir of similar people looking for the same escape that I am, as to not feel so alone!!!

Are your Monday’s Maniac?  Or, am I in a bubble all by myself?  I’ve heard people say at one time or another that they are their own worst enemies – I’m starting to see how I can be mine.  Most times I’m overbooked because I feel that I don’t want to let others down while forgetting the time I need to be alone.  To bask in the feeling of restoration.  To rejuvenate and find rest for the soul.  But today, I’m just gonna try to get through the remainder of it.  The weather is nice so my second job (the two year old) is going to need for me to be ready for my shift.

In the grand scheme of things, I’m still thankful for yes even the busyness of life.  I could be laid up in a hospital bed with only the ability to see the changing of the seasons out of a window.  Since I am blessed to have the ability of my limbs, with a portion of my health and strength and well I seem to be in my right mind I will thank the Lord.  I will however, make finding balance a priority.  While in search of it – sitting outside in the sun, journaling for a few minutes while allowing myself sometime to breathe will become high on my priority list.

Until our next blogging session – let’s talk about Monday’s.  Are they chaotic in your world?  Or, have you come up with a balancing act that you have found to be working for you?  Do you stick to your regularly scheduled program so that the routine just becomes thoughtless?  Or, do you live for the rush of having nothing planned?  Whichever you prefer, I would love to hear from you – better yet, let’s Journal the Journey together…

Be blessed…


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